Mercedes w204 rear abs ring

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Item information Condition:.ABS faults can be complex to solve but often it is the simplest of things that causes those dreaded lamps on the dash. So it needs to be fixed. It is now also a critical tested component in the UK MOT annual check — any dash warning lamps of this kind will immediately fail the inspection and prevent you from obtaining that valuable certificate. These faults are usually reasonably cheap to sort, though problems with the pump or controller can run into many hundreds to fix.

So where to start…. Fault finding can be very hit and miss without a compatible Fault Code Reader that can access the MB systems protocol. There are many on the market to choose from and probably the most capable will be from the Autel range. You will then have to take it back to get the fault cleared once repaired, so as you can see you are getting pretty close to the cost of owning your own powerful diagnostic tool that will stand you in good stead for the future. If you have an older Mercedes vehicle prethen you will have less choice of code reader and things get a little more complex — you can catch up on older vehicle diagnostics here.

There are common faults that can cause problems throughout the Mercedes model ranges, no different with ABS than any other system.

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If you get unwanted ABS activation at slow speed, when rolling to a braked stop. The controller is being fed an inaccurate stream of speed signal impulses that makes it think that one of the wheels is skidding and it applies wrongly the ABS to that wheel. Simply removing the sensor and cleaning it up in a great deal of cases will result in a cure for this problem. Unless corrosion has taken its toll, the front tone rings seem well protected from the elements and do not often give trouble.

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Needless to say it is quite involved to fit as you obviously have to remove the drive shaft from the vehicle to carry this out. Link to reluctor ring seller. This article covers the fitting of a rear drive shaft reluctor ring to a Mercedes SLK R, though the procedure will be common to many other MB models.

If however, if it is like in this case — on the right rear of the vehicle, no such removal is needed. You may wish to initially remove the wheel sensor to protect it from accidental damage. With the hub centre embellishment removed from the wheel Alloyswith the handbrake set, in gear, while on the ground, peen out the locking tab on the hub nut. Spray a good quantity of penetrating oil onto the shaft end so it travels down the splines within the hub.

These have been thread-locked with a compound that must be the almost as strong as the bolt itself! It will take some muscle to remove these pins, so be prepared.

Once all six flange bolts and tri-plates are removed the shaft can be pulled down towards the front of the vehicle. In some cases you will have to remove the plastic cover over the fuel pump to gain adequate opening to ease out the shaft end. Its a tight fit, but it will come clear and hang down just below the nose of the diff. Now take a copper drift and stout hammer and whack the end of the drive shaft, it should with a few blows begin to move, once it starts to move tap it with care so it passes through the splined hub centre.

Support the shaft as you tap and once free, guide it out from beneath the vehicle. Remove all traces of the old reluctor ring and file the surface clean to prepare it to accept the new ring.

ABS / ESP Failure

File deliberately more material off the outer edge to allow a slight taper lead-in for the new ring. Once you are satisfied that the area is nice and clean and smooth, prepare to tap home the new ring onto the CV joint casing.

Then with a gloved hand, place it centrally and tap gently around the perimeter of the ring to drive it home into position. Once the new ring is fitted, the drive shaft can be assembled back into place and the other parts built up around it, much in the same way as they were removed.

E Class Mercedes W210 ABS Reluctor Ring Replacment, How to, Full Video. Without removing suspension!

Be sure to tighten the hub nut to the same position as it was prior to removal so the lock tab can be tapped back into place. Finally road test. You will most probably now have no warning lights on the dashboard and be able to enjoy once more a fully functioning set of connected vehicle features that were all lost while the fault was present.Log in or Sign up.

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Mercedes C-Class W204 ABS pump problems

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Like our friend Submariner1 I have recently got this message on the dash. Stopped at a services, when I came back error had disappeared. Plugged in scanner: Front left wheel speed, Carry out visual inspection Rear left wheel speed, Carry out visual inspection Rear right wheel speed, carry out visual inspection.

For a few weeks now, on startup the dash has been flashing a yellow message for a split second, not long enough to read. I now realise it was this error. I assume it means visually inspect the reluctor rings?? V6MattyApr 24, Get it on STAR. That is a proper speedo in the Post 1 photo. AMGeedApr 24, AMGeed likes this. BotusApr 25, Hi Alex Your issue sounds slightly different in my msg.

Cleared after driving 15ft. But if you cleaned the sensors and reluctor rings and its still there, barring low voltage which I am sure you have already checked. It might be worth resetting the EPB. I know, I know, wtf has the EPB got to do with and abs - esp issues.

Note mine also had 3 sensor fault codes advising a viz inspection. Only takes 5 mins and seems to have cured mine.Log in or Sign up. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. After initially replacing the sensor it was established that the reluctor ring on the drive shaft was also faulty and the complete drive shaft needed replacing.

When the second driveshaft was removed the outside casing of the reluctor ring fell off having become completely detached from the drive shaft there was nothing left of the reluctor ring on the first drive shaft.

mercedes w204 rear abs ring

I have uploaded 3 photos showing the new drive shaft, the corroded old shaft and the outside of the reluctor ring. I am very interested to know whether anyone else has had the same fault and what mercedes repsonse has been. In this case I have had to pay for all the parts and work.

It seems ridiculous for the reluctor rings to fail after only 6 - 7 years and 50, miles necessitating the replacement of the complete drive shafts. JPG File size: Alex CrowJun 2, I've just dealt with the same issue.

The only difference is that my car is It saved me a lot of cash and a lot of troubles. You will never know until you try.

PadrinoJun 2, The car lives in Edinburgh, so not exactly on the coast and, whilst we have had a couple of bad winters with more than usual amounts of salt on the roads, it cannot be worse than other places in Europe.

My last telephone call with MB UK ended with the suggestion that my next step should be writing to their legal department. At the moment I am really try to get some idea if this is a one-off problem or whether there are significant numbers of failures out there.

Mercedes Benz cars

As usual the local MB dealer is very tight lipped about this issue. Thanks for all the replies. I have just had the same problem diagnosed, and my independent garage will strip down the joint on Monday. Car is with only miles. I'm not surprised that the dealer is tight-lipped - they all are - and never ever admit that there is any common fault with any Merc cars! It's a common fault. When it happened to my car my indie welded the old bits on to the hub and all has been well since.

NaraicJan 29, Good luck with the repairs. I got no where with recovering the costs despite conatacting Which Legal services. I tried the approach that, as the parts had failed, they were not fit for purpose and should be replaced by the manufacturer under warranty.

But Which Legal Services advised that car manufacturers only have an obligation to cover such claims for 6 years. Mine was 6. HenningsenFeb 13, Reluctant rings?The W stopped production inwhich is a seven year run since The Mercedes W came in a saloon, estate and coupe variants with the majority of engines available in all formats. The W was the company car of choice by many companies, with the impressive MPG and emission figures coming from the efficient 4 cylinder diesel models.

The C63 AMG version of the W is probably the most popular Mercedes to date that is attracted by both the young and older generation of drivers around the world.

The C Class already looks great, but with a few tweaks you can transform the W into an aggressive Mercedes with big road presence. Also, colour coded mudflaps are a great upgrade to the W that reduce spray but more importantly look great. If you choose to buy the desirable W C63, it will require regular maintenance to ensure it remains running at its optimum performance.

Regular maintenance such as using the correct engine oil for the carchanging the brakes and replacing the rear tyres are far more frequent in the C However, the performance and the V8 roar make it all worthwhile.

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Keep up to date by checking Vosa. Overall, the W was a step ahead from the previous C Class W and has many high reviews regarding reliability. With over models, you have a vast selection, which you can view here. Toggle navigation.

mercedes w204 rear abs ring

Related Posts. Facts and Figures. Find Garage. Contact Us.The airbag and steering wheel removal is required for a few repairs, including the steering column switches. When you remove the driver airbag, it is important you disconnect the battery and wait at least 30 minutes for any residual electricity in the system to dissipate.

Make sure your steering wheel is centered and the front wheels are pointing straight ahead before you disconnect the battery. Disconnect the negative battery cable red arrow. Make sure it cannot make accidental contact with the battery,and allow 30 minutes for all the electricity to dissipate out of the vehicle. With the wheels centered lower the steering wheel to the midway point and move it as for forward as possible red arrow.

mercedes w204 rear abs ring

There are two access holes for the T30 Torx screws that hold the airbag to the steering wheel. You will not be able to get a regular Torx driver in due to limited space between the steering wheel and dash,so I recommend you pick up a small set of collapsible Torx drivers.

These make access simple and allow you enough grip to be able to loosen the screw. Insert the Torx into the hole red arrow and carefully feel around until it is seated fully in the screw. With both screws fully loosened they will stay in the wheel pull the airbag away from the wheel. There are two electrical connections red arrows on a short wire so do not pull the bag away far.

Problems and Faults with the W204 C Class

Fully depress the two clips on each connection and remove them from the wheel red arrow. Never pull these connections by the wires. Also,make sure the tabs are released before removing the connections. This photo shows the rear of the airbag and the wiring. Once the airbag is removed,store it in a safe place facing up. If you connect the battery with the airbag removed it will cause a fault code and warning light that you will have to reset.

If you do not connect the battery you can put everything back together without having to worry about this. With the airbag removed you can see the 10mm Allen bolt red arrow that holds the wheel on. You will need to use a breaker bar and a friend to hold the wheel in place to get the Allen bolt loose. Do Not use the wheel lock to hold the wheel in place while you break the screw loose.

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Use white out,a marker or nail polish to mark the relationship between the wheel and the steering shaft red arrow. This will help when reinstalling. You can now remove the wheel from the colum. Installing is reverse of removal. Once the airbag is installed,reconnect the battery.

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